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About us:

HENRYSON BALOGUNWelcome to HENRYSONBALOGUN - Featured Artist/Actors management website. I invite you all, to discover and explore the world's prominent performing Artists & Attractions through my new online experienc

Since January 2011, HENRYSONBALOGUN Artists Management Inc. (HENRYSONBALOGUN) has been an international new starter in the management of Featured Artists activities of performing artists; The Company cater for pre-dominantly in Artist in Pop, House, Electro and Dance genre type and multi-media productions.

Under the leadership of Director and CEO, Henryson H. Oladipo Balogun. The company honor and applaud, Artists for their immeasurable contributions to the performing arts throughout the UK and the world.

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Artist/Business Management ::::

CEO/Director Henryson Oladipo BALOGUN

The Music Manager has the most interaction with the artist and is generally the most important person in the artist's musical life. They are involved in planning, coordinating and organizing the career of the artist. They are involved in counseling and advising the artist on all matters related to their musical careers. The personal manager should research the music industry and know all about record labels, publishing companies, producers, booking agents, promoters, publicists, stylists, photographers, recording engineers, graphic designers, video directors, music licensees, etc., and how they integrate themselves into the overall career plan. The more contacts the manager has, the more effective they will be at their job.

The Business Manager (usually an accountant by trade) manages the income and expenses of the client. Business managers usually take care of making payments to musicians, background singers, roadies, tour managers, etc., on behalf of the artist. They also advise the artist on assets and investments, savings and taxes (local, state, federal, and International). Most artists are unaware that they have tax obligations that relate to their performance and licensing income, CD and merchandise sales, equipment purchases, sponsorship cash, other miscellaneous income, etc. Business managers also try to get their clients to invest in their future and save something for a rainy day since even the most successful artists eventually stop earning regular income from making records and touring.

We at HenrysonBalogun focus on a niche sector of the market predominately Featured Artist

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What is Featured Artist

This guideline applies to cases in which one or more artists are featured on a track by another artist, but not equally as they would be in a collaboration. That is, they are given credit on the cover or track listing of a release by another artist in a manner which elevates their contribution above normal liner note credits. Often, the word "featuring" or "feat." precedes their name(s).

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Featured artists

Featured artists tend to be performers, but they can also be contributors to the technical production process (mixers, producers, record engineers, etc.), remixers and others. The different roles are explained in

  • Compilation Relationship Class
  • Composition Relationship Class
  • Production Relationship Class

Note, that composers are often the main artists of classical releases and remixers or compilers can also be main artists if they fit into 1.


  1. 1. Fill out the artist credits for the primary artist(s) in the usual manner.
  2. 2. Add a join phrase of ' feat. '
  3. 3. Add the first featured artist.
  4. 4. Add additional featured artists, each separated by ', 'and the final one separated by
  5.  ' & '
  6. 5. Add Relationships* of the appropriate Relationship Class (usually Performance) to link to the featured artist(s') entries in HenrysonBalogun

The use of artist credits has the advantage that the recording is listed under all credited artists, not just the primary ones. In example three below, this makes the recording appear under all seven artists rather than just the one.

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An advanced relationship is a way to represent all the various inter-relationships between entities, as well as relationships from entities to information and resources found outside of the HenrysonBalogun database.

For example:

The song The Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim includes a sample from the Just Brothers song Sliced Tomato.

Paul Di'Anno was a member of Iron Maiden from 1977 until 1981.

The Metallica album St. Anger was produced by Bob Rock & Metallica.

All of this information is stored in a single table in the database, and there is a single user interface for adding new information. In this way, HenrysonBalogun has a fairly simple way to deal with extremely complicated data.

Family background

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My Grandfather

Theophilus Adebayo Doherty was a Nigerian businessman and politician who represented Lagos on the platform of the Nigerian National Democratic Party in the Legislative Council of Nigeria during the nation's colonial era. In 1933, along with Olatunde Johnson and a few other businessmen, he founded the National Bank of Nigeria. He also became a prominent member of the Nigerian Association of African Importers and Exporters, the association was designed to link African traders who depend on foreign firms for goods with overseas trading houses and also act as an African Chamber of Commerce. In the 1940s, the association was a leading indigenous elite business group that negotiated trading concessions with the colonial government. National bank of Nigeria, was the first successful indigenous bank in British West Africa.

My Great-Grandfather

Joseph Henryson Doherty was a Nigerian businessman who rose from an environment of poverty and enmity to create a successful merchandise trading firm. He was one of Nigeria's earliest true rag to riches stories.

Doherty was born in Lagos in 1866. He started his career as a clerk in a Lagos business concern and studied the art of business. He left the firm later and started his own outfit as a small master trader in 1891. Then, he had a capital of 47 pounds with a location at the Alakoro district of Lagos.

Doherty's background made him more firm in his business conducts. He was considered a man of cautious disposition and studied with care every transaction that he was interested in. Though cautious, he had foresight, and quickly learned various Nigerian commodities trade.

Succeeding in trading Nigerian commodities, he gained the attention of an European firm.

The foreign firm lent him credit on a gradual scale starting from 1,444 pounds a year to about 48,000 pounds a year. The inflush of credit increased his trading revenues and led to increased wealth. By 1898, he was already independent and was able to fund his own trading. He built up a business empire, based on meticulous attention to detail, uncompromising integrity and pure hard graft, he was known to scrutinise his accounts meticulously and as they say "follow every penny".

By 1899, his business had flourished to the extent of his opening branches of his enterprise in Alakoro- Lagos, Oshogbo, Zaria, Lokoja and Kano.

He epitomised the true qualities of integrity, hard work and honesty which to a large extent was fairly typical in Nigeria at the time.Through careful management of the business, he was able to operate independently as a direct importer from 1898.

He dealt in cotton and silk goods, hardware and other imports. With the expansion of the business, he was able to establish branches in the hinterland of Lagos Osogbo, Lokoja, Zaria and Kano.

A notable feature of Dohertys career was the investment in the education of his chidren, all of whom were sent abroad for university education:I n England for a degree in Law and another to Fourah Bay College in Freetown, Sierra Leone (an affiliate of University of Durham in the United Kingdom) for a degree in the Humanities to prepare him for succession to his father in the family business.

Ultimately, this was an exceptional success story in business succession.He was one of the first Africans to be re-admitted into the Lagos Chamber of Commerce when it was desegregated in 1921.


Great Great Gran mother


Catholic missionary British West Africa

Projects 1: Current

Lourdes Bonet Management Deejays (Current Projects)

Lourdes Bonet


Lourdes Bonet Management Deejays

Hello, welcome to my website. I'm Lourdes Bonet, artistic director of Lourdes Bonet Management Deejays.

For many years my career has been linked entirely to the world of the arts and show business in general, combining it all with the world of marketing and advertising.

Matter of a few years ago working in major international competitions Deejays discovered a new passion that so far had not experienced.

The music world had always been present in my life, but not the event management and organization of musical. With all the experience gained from years of work I focused on it and created my own management agency.

I put at your disposal all my experience and imagination to make you get the best Deejays and parties, all with a common denominator, the utmost professionalism at your service.

Thanks for getting here.

Message: Sergio Perez & Loulita - Ou Est Vous (Official Video)

Hello, Party people - summer is coming and it is now more than ever, need your support as an artist.

I recently recorded new topic OU EST VOUS? and is now on sale at the best internet portals but also need your support it with the video.

Listen to the song, watch the video and I appreciate your support with comments on Youtube and also a I like and if you can spread it on social sites, twitter, facebook. Google +

I'll be eternally grateful ....

Tania Vinokur (Current Projects 2014)

Tania Vinokur




Singer/ Songwriter/ Violinist/ Dancer/ Passionate Fusionist - simply an ENTERTAINER

Born in Moldova (Russia) in 1982 Tania started her stage career performing when she was 5 years old. With 8 years old she immigrated with her family to Israel, there she continued her studies of her Violin and Ballet, and soon she fell inlove with rythms from around the world.

Born in Moldova (Russia) in 1982 Tania started her stage career performing when she was 5 years old. With 8 years old she immigrated with her family to Israel, there she continued her studies of her Violin and Ballet, and soon she fell inlove with rythms from around the world.

After working internationaly with world class companies, Jazz artists, Pop singers, Ballet troups, Rock bands and her own Fusion music and dance group - Tania is out with what she does best - a fusion between World rythms, Latin Passion, Gipsy tunes and the Electronic sound featuring her violin, voice and her love to the dance.

In her shows Tania plays various instruments, sings, dances, and touches the audience with her love, passion and electrifying stage presence.

Follow Tania on:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tania.vinokur
Tweeter - https://twitter.com/TaniaVinokur
Instagram - http://instagram.com/taniavino


Entertainer/ Singer/ Songwriter/ Violinist/ Dancer


EDM, Deep House, Pop, Oriental, Latin/Flamenco Fusion

Beethoven 2014


"TBS" - dj/speaker & producer

"TBS" - dj/speaker & producer - Italy
Global-Info: beethoven1975@libero.it
Booking: booking.beethoven@gmail.com

"TBS" - dj/speaker & producer


Bio IT: DJ, speaker & producer nel mondo della musica-spettacolo dal 1987; varie e diverse esperienze radio-televisive e di night-clubbing in Italia e all'estero; DJ eclettico, ha da sempre il proprio stile e ha nella conoscenza e professionalità le sue carte vincenti; DJ della scuderia "BEN8 DJ's team" (Radio 105-Radio Monte Carlo-Virgin Radio) ma collabora anche con altri gruppi in tutta Italia...Tra le ultime e più significative esperienze lavorative Beethoven è official dj di Radio 105 nel tour della Vodka Artic nell'estate '06 e Tommy Hilfiger nell'inverno '06; official dj di RMC-Radio Monte Carlo nel tour della Gazzetta dello sport e Skipper nell'estate '07 e '08 toccando i club e le spiaggie/piazze più importanti d' Italia riscuotendo sempre enorme successo; a Gennaio '08 Beethoven arriva tra i 7 migliori speaker d' Italia nel concorso radio-televisivo di R101 e Amici di Maria de Filippi in onda su SKY e Canale 5; attualmente Beethoven è il dj resident del Fashion Club di Milano (riconosciuto come il club privè nr.1 in Italia); Beethoven ha all' attivo produzioni di varie compilation per dj e locali in tutta Italia; inoltre è speaker conduttore e voce ufficiale di programmi radiofonici sul web in costante ascesa. A Maggio '09 esce in tutta Italia ed Europa e in digital-download la sua Hit-single per l' estate dal titolo “Without You” su etichetta Smilax Publishing e distribuito dalla Global Net; Ad Ottobre '09 esce in tutta Italia ed Europa e in digital-download il nuovo singolo dal titolo “La Giudecca” su etichetta Edinet Publishing e distribuito dalla Global Net; A Febbraio '10 esce in tutta Italia ed Europa e in digital-download il nuovo singolo atto ad infiammare la primavera dal titolo “Your Love” su etichetta Smilax Publishing e distribuito dalla Global Net; A Maggio '10 esce in tutta Italia ed Europa e in digital-download il nuovo singolo per l' estate dal titolo “The Funky Song” su etichetta Edinet Publishing e distribuito dalla Global Net; Nel Novembre '10 esce il singolo x l' autunno/inverno intitolato "69, House Road" su etichetta We Love Publishing sempre distribuito dalla Global Net; il mese di Novembre inoltre comincia in maniera strepitosa poichè Beethoven "TBS" arriva 2° classificato tra i Top 100 Italian DJ & Producer nella prestigiosa classifica di Trend Discotec; a Dicembre '10 entra a far parte, in maniera scherzosa ed irriverente, della squadra di opinionisti sportivi di Telelombardia e Antenna 3; Nel mese di Febbraio '11 in occasione della BIT (Borsa Internazionale del Turismo) torna a rivestire i panni della radio più "chic" dell' etere come official dj di RMC-Radio Monte Carlo presso lo stand ospitato dalla regione Friuli Venezia Giulia; Marzo '11 è sicuramente un mese HOT poichè sono previste le uscite di 2 nuovi progetti discografici a 4 mani con Jurgen Cecconi intitolati "The Big Roommates" edito dalla Smilax Publishing e "Fade To Grey" edito dalla We Love Publishing oltre a numerose compilations che includeranno i titoli appena citati; si susseguono altre produzioni e remix fino a lanciare, nel mese di Giugno '11, il fenomeno firmato “AUZ! - E DIVENTO DJ” in collaborazione con Jurgen Cecconi, progetto molto importante che scuote l' intera rete edito dalla prestigiosa X-Energy/D:Vision (label tra le più importanti in assoluto in Italia ed Europa); ancora nuove ed interessanti produzioni fino a Marzo '12, mese importante poichè vede la luce il progetto a 4 mani con Jurgen Cecconi intitolato "Da Deepa Hole" uscito sulla storica etichetta del grande Mario Più (MAS Experience) e che sarà contenuta nella nuova compilation del brand internazionale Birra Corona e nasce ufficialmente la AUZ! Muzik, etichetta dance del gruppo MAP Music (www.mapmusic.it) di cui Beethoven è co-proprietario e co-fondatore; nel Febbraio 2013 fonda la TBS Recordings di cui ne è anche l' A&R (manda i tuoi demo a: tbs.rec@gmail.com); a Marzo del 2014 entra a far parte della Nazionale Italiana DJ (www.nazionaleitalianacalciodj.com) che lo porta in giro per gli stadi italiani più importanti disputando incontri benefici..to be continued..

Bio EN: DJ, speaker & producer in the world of music & show-entertainment since 1987; several and various radio-television experiences and night-clubbing in Italy and in foreign country; Eclectic DJ, has from always own style and has in the acquaintance and professionality its winning papers; DJ of the stable "BEN8 DJ's team" (Radio 105-Radio Monte Carlo-Virgin Radio) but collaborates also with other groups in Italy…Between last and more meaningful working experiences Beethoven is official dj of Radio 105 in the “Vodka Artic Tour” in summer ' 06 and “Tommy Hilfiger Tour” in winter ' 06; official dj of RMC-Radio Monte Carlo in the “Gazzetta dello sport and Skipper Tour” in summer ' 07 and ' 08 touching the clubs, beaches & most important public squares in Italy collecting always enormous success; in January ' 08 Beethoven arrives between the 7 best ones speaker of Italy in the radio-television competition of R101 and Amici di Maria de Filippi on SKY and Canale 5; currently Beethoven is resident dj of Fashion Club Milan (the club privè nr.1 in Italy); Beethoven has in assets productions of several compilation for dj and clubs in all Italy; moreover he is speaker conductor of radio-programs on web-radio; co-ceo & co-founder of AUZ! Muzik, in February 2013 he founded TBS Recordings wich is also the A&R (send your demo to: tbs.rec@gmail.com); in March 2014 he joined the Italian national DJs soccer team (www.nazionaleitalianacalciodj.com) who led him to perform in most important italian stadiums to raise funds for charity..to be continued..

Most Sexist Model Finland 2013



Started modeling at the age of 18 and has sang in school choirs but joined a girl band as a leader singer 2012.

Currently a finalist in the 2013 Most Sexiest Women in Finalnd

Speak: - English, Finnish, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish

Scarlette(2011-2014) (Old Project)




Scarlette, real name Sonja Hannele Marie Hyvarinen was born in Lohja, Finland, to a swedish spoken Finnish mother & a Finnish father.

Scarlette's stage name was inspired by her passion for life, performing & music and her striking, sultry scandinavian appearance and a film she watched as a teenager called Red Sonja.

(Scarlette stands for the colour RED.) To me the name symbolizes an image of a strong female, who is able to achieve her ambitions in life with self-belief and fierce commitment to her goals.

I feel it really suited my personality. The name is also sexual and divine in natureScarlette packed her bags to leave to London in the hope to be a succesfull singer in the footsteps of her famous Finnish composer/musician relative Antti Hyvarinen. He currently runs an artist school in North Finland, but Scarlette decided she wanted to be an international musician and write pop songs in english.

She had 300 euros, a bible and some showclothes in her bags as she left for London in March 2006. Scarlette started writing demos with producers and lyrics and made her first Rock/Punk demo in 2006 called I Get Up.She had found a book in her local hometown library about a famous vocal technique called Speech Level Singing (SLS) studied by many stars including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Lopez etc.

She happened to find a private SLS school in London (VOXBOX) and studied the technique with private teachers for 4 years. Although she was struggling to support her music career, she kept on writing and found producers and also got a support act slot for Basement Jaxx (DJ Set) early 2011. After one of her gigs she found her first music manager. Experienced in Law and Direct marketing; Henryson Balogun.

Scarlette was approached by an independent UK label and she's currently in a process of working on her debut album (out in 2012) in genre's of electro/house & pop. Two of her previous song demos are being released in Itunes in August 2011 called Slow Down Letting You Go Her biggest influences has been stated as; Gwen Stefani, Martina Sorbara/Dragonette and Madonna.

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  • SCARLETTE - Slow Down (Dance Version)
  • SCARLETTE - Letting You Go
  • SCARLETTE - Slow Down (Original)



Projects 2: Current

Chudi James

Chudi James

|  Artistee Website   |

|  Singer  |  Writer  |  Performer  |

Chudi James Okoye, was born in Hackney, London.

Read more


Chudi James - Chudi James - Shooting Arrows

Victoria Aitken

Victoria Aitken

Victoria Aitken

|  Artistee Website   |

|  Singer  |  Writer  |  Performer  |

Vogue UK
The sometime-model daughter of former Tory minister Jonathan allowed her musical efforts to be heard by rap impresario, and Eminem protégé, 50 Cent recently, and apparently he liked what he heard. "It sounds like J-Lo, and might do well in the South of France," he said.

Read more

Nataliia Chelpanova

Nataliia Chelpanova aka Taliia

Nataliia Chelpanova aka Taliia

|  Artistee Website   |

|  Singer  |  Writer  |  Performer  |

About her
Hailing from the streets of Hampstead, Camden, in North London, Taliia is as vibrant, colorful and snazzy, as the environment around her in the infamous borough. Her single “Fiesta” is the ultimate celebration-anthem, stemming from the Camdenesque melting pots of trends, currents and fashions, that gives the melting pot a solid whirl… Just to kick things up a notch.

Read more

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Tania Vinokur

05 June 2014

Born in Moldova (Russia) in 1982 Tania started her stage career performing when she was 5 years old. With 8 years old she immigrated with her family to Israel, there she continued her studies of her Violin and Ballet, and soon she fell inlove with rythms from around the world.

After working internationaly with world class companies, Jazz artists, Pop singers, Ballet troups, Rock bands and her own Fusion music and dance group - Tania is out with what she does best - a fusion between World rythms, Latin Passion, Gipsy tunes and the Electronic sound featuring her violin, voice and her love to the dance.

In her shows Tania plays various instruments, sings, dances, and touches the audience with her love, passion and electrifying stage presence.

Please pass on to your friends and family to go on and click my page. Thanks will be in touch

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Chudi James

01 March 2014

Bio - Soon Coming

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Ayo(xfactor 2012 contestant)

29 May 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen I have the pleasure of saying to you we have lift off!!!

All systems are go it is official. Yours truly will be performing at the 02 live in front of the judges on the 29th of May waoooow. Gary Barlow,Tulisa,Louis and probably Geri Halliwell.

So there we have it this is a very important day for me, I have to pinch myself. I love singing,I was born to do this.

To have such an opportunity is simply incredible.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful comments I have been receiving and continue to receive.

I am full of confidence in my abilities, yet humbled that I would not have been able to get to this amazing opportunity. Without help,guidance and support.beginning from my wife who fought for me in my darkest hours,and friends who stayed with me when no hope existed. I really am very grateful as ever please I need your help to get everyone to like my page so please click here.

Please pass on to your friends and family to go on and click my page. Thanks will be in touch

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Dani Clay

22 June 2012

5th June...12pm till 6pm....Hutton Popular Jubilee Street Party organised by Barchester Health Care (Leonard Lodge).....

I'll be there, unfortunately without my band, but still singing some amazing motown/soul tracks at 12:30pm... join us for a day of celebration. xx

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Dani Clay

24 Aug 2012

Dani Clay Band are back at the glorious Hob pub just on the corner of the south circular on devonshire road, forest hill. Playing an excellent selection of songs from the 60's and 70's motown/soul and funk, through to the present day, including original material from Miss Clay herself.

Another great night of music, from Top quality musicians with a performance like no other.

The hob provide a selection of delicious beverages, and food to accompany a perfect evening.



Featured Artist: Current


Anna MARCELLO (2014)

Anna MARCELLO (2014) Italy Rome, Education
Three years Acting School TEATRO DEI COCCI (acting teachers: Cristiano Censi - Isabella del Bianco).
School of Dubbing at FONOROMA (teachers: Diotaiuti - M. Mori) in 1998-1999.
School of Acting at FONOROMA by Diataiuti in 1999. –
Stage with Francesca de Sapio at DUSE in 1999-2001. –
Stage with Greta Seacat“in 2001-02. –
Stage with Bernard Hiller in 2004.
Stage with Vincent Schiavelli in 2006.-
Stage with Giovanni Moschella in 2007/8.

Languages italian, english,
Height: 5'8" (170cm) Eye Colour: Brown
Playing Age: 30 - 40 years Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Role Types: Mediterranean Hair Length: Mid Length

Current Features
• BLOSSOM GARDEN Abbassdor Blossom by Carlo
• TRIFOGLIO BAG Abbassdor Trifoglio by Imperia Staffieri
• A. B. WATCHES “London, Japan, Greece” Abbassdor Alessandro Baldieri by A.di Martinio
• ROBERTO lead Jason Croot by Jason Croot
• Ki6? WHO ARE YOU? Abbassdor Ki6? by Pete Fallan
• I LOVE YOU lead PFI Films by Richard Blanshard

• LE SETTE NOTE DEL DIAVOLO guest Macromajora Films Marco Tornese
• NERO BIFAMILIARE lead Moviemax/Lupin Film Federico Zampaglione
• I VICERE’ lead Jean Vigo Roberto Faenza
• E DOPO CADDE LA NEVE guest Ciak 2000 Donatella Baglivo
• THE TOMB “won best Actress AT film festival” lead La Perla Nera David Hunt
• SCHIUMA D'ONDA lead Rubedo film Luigi Spagnol
• GUARDIANI DELLE NUVOLE guest Heller Luciano Odorisio
• SENZA MOVENTE co-lead Aegida Luciano Odorisio

• I VICERE’ RAI 1 on autumn 2008 lead Jean Vigo Roberto Faenza
• DISTRETTO DI POLIZIA guest Universal Pictures R. De Maria
• SCOMPARSI guest E.T. Fiction Groupe C. Bonivento
• CRONACA NERA guest First Film F. Giordano
• GLI UOMINI SONO TUTTI UGUALI guest Aran Endemol S.P.A. A. Capone

• LA CAMERATA BARDI lead Opera Theatre of Roma C. Insegno
• ZAPPING l lead Teatro Anfitrione P. L. Ciriaci
• CAMERE DA LETTO lead Teatro Colosseo (Ldm) F. Vigorito
• ANIME SALVE lead G. Moschella
• FRITTO MISTO lead Teatro dei Satiri L. Biglione e E. Salvi
• SCAMPOLI E MAZZANCOLLE lead Teatro dei Satiri L. Biglione e E. Salvi
• LE REGOLE DEL GIOCO lead Teatro Tirso D. Morbidelli

• COME UN PIRATA lead videoclip Alessandro Arena
• IL FANTASMA DEL FRIGORIFERO lead short Leonardo SbragiaV
• L’ALBA by Tiromancino lead videoclip Virgin Emi Federico Zampaglione
• EGOSUM lead medium N. Muciaccia
• SAEXO lead videoclip E.Recchia
• EMOZIONI) lead short Richard Journo
• COUNTINEL lead videoclip Hermann
• FUORI DI TESTA lead medium L. Fantasia,
• COSI E’ FATTA lead short A. Ranieri
• SEMINUOVI l lead short A. Ranieri,
• SUPERENALOTTO lead Colorado Film Gabriele Salvatores
• COCA COLA lead outdoor for Spain


Dani Clay (2012 - 2015)

Dani Clay (2012 - 2015) If ever there was a story about a young girl who pursued a dream with nothing but her voice, this is the one. Using her vocal talent and hard work alone has helped this young women achieve, experience and gain skills and knowledge without the aid of expensive lessons/stage schools or tuition, to gain exposure and awareness in this ever saturated unsigned industry. If ever there was RAW talent, this is it!!!!!!

Dani Clay started out pursuing her singing and songwriting career when she was 17 years old. Starting out in a girl R/n/B group and signed to an independent UK label who were in partnership with DeathRow Records. Recorded with Jasper Cameron of D.A.R.P studios in Atlanta and performed at Wembley Arena in London UK, has given Dani Clay plenty of experience and plenty of skills. Dani Clay found the Dani Clay band, where she successfully pulled together a number of professional, skilled and trained musicians. Was introduced to Bruno Tilley (Island Records).

Along side this Dani Clay has worked with UK Songwriter and Producer Duvall (Phrased-Differently)on her original material, Her soulful tingling vocals also remixed on Dance/Club tracks and original Dance/House tracks for Duvall and his partner Kool. Dani Clay has featured on many Kool and Duvall tracks that have been promoted on the number one UK dance album Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound including the track My House signed to the famous UK DJ Pete Tongs label FastTrack. This hardworking affair also included working closely with well known UK Producers AGENT X for the garage anthem remix, "Never gonna let you go", originally sung by Tina Moore.

Dani Clay is currently writing more material and gigging with her band. Previously working with Yoga Guru Neil Patel, who has previously worked with Dani and succesfully helped support her with promotional and publicity work via BBC Radio, London Yoga show at London Olympia, brings them back once again for Black History LIVE 2011 at Wembley Stadium. Dani was also a UK X Factor 2011 Bootcamp contestant and has also supported the charitable fund Raising movement OXJAM Festival in aid for Africa's Food Crisis, this October. Along side all this hard work, Dani Clay is also one of the top 10 finalists for 16th Annual, USA Songwriting Competition in 2011.

  • Dani Clay - Go Get It
  • Dani Clay - Let It All Out (c)
  • Dani Clay - Rendez-vous !
  • Dani Clay - She knows
  • Dani Clay - You've Got No Soul

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G-lory Ridge (2012 - 2015)

G-lory Ridge (2012 - 2015) < Glory Bosnjak AKA G-lory Ridge (born June 28) is a Nigerian/Swiss R&B/Soul and Pop Artist.

Glory's dream to one day become a sensational singer began with a performance at 8 years old. Since then, she has performed at national competitions and choirs in Nigeria.

Inspired by legendary artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Gaynor and Whitney Houston, Glory's voice and music style resonates with the same passion and fire as modern day musicians like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, whom all devoted their lives to follow the stars of all time. She is pursing her dreams to create soul making waves like these wonderful women. Her unending passion for R&B soul and pop music keeps her dream alive

She studied music in Milano and now ready to drop Her first album.

G/lory needs your support..

And please do checkout the rest of these pages on her wall and listen TAKING ME OVER

  • G-lory Ridge - GIVE ME A LIGHT
  • G-lory Ridge - TAKE ME AWAY (c)
  • G-lory Ridge - TAKEN ME OVER !
  • G-lory Ridge - HOLD MY OWN
  • G-lory Ridge - DANCE WITH ME

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Alex Amos (2012 - 2015)

Alex Amos (2012 - 2015)Born 6th of May, in Lagos is a Hip Hop and Rap artiste with a talent and versatility in combining other genres. Not new on the scene, he had a single Aye Yi 2006. produced By Rymzo and also "White Sneakers and Blue Jeans Promo. Compilation"

  • Alex Amos - Follow The Leader
  • Alex Amos - Miss independent (c)
  • Alex Amos - Heaven ft.tamara
  • Alex Amos - Better City
  • Alex Amos - Ganja planter by Young D