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PRESENTS ~ Tania Vinokur

Genre ~ Passionate Fusionist


Tania Vinokur
Entertainer/ Singer
Songwriter/ Violinist
Born in Moldova (Russia) in 1982 Tania started her stage career performing when she was 5 years old. With 8 years old she immigrated with her family to Israel, there she continued her studies of her Violin and Ballet, and soon she fell inlove with rythms from around the world.
After working internationaly with world class companies, Jazz artists, Pop singers, Ballet troups, Rock bands and her own Fusion music and dance group - Tania is out with what she does best - a fusion between World rythms, Latin Passion, Gipsy tunes and the Electronic sound featuring her violin, voice and her love to the dance.
In her shows Tania plays various instruments, sings, dances, and touches the audience with her love, passion and electrifying stage presence.
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